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Was it really Satoshi nakamoto who developed Bitcoin?

Was it really Satoshi nakamoto who developed Bitcoin?

Was it really Satoshi nakamoto who developed Bitcoin?

But who developed Bitcoin anyway?

The person or group who started developing the project in 2007, said his name is Satoshi Nakamoto and his home country was Japan, was born in April 1975 and nothing else is known about him since 2010 when his participation in bitcoin development ended.

While developing the software, he kept in touch with developers interested in the project, but his online activity began to weaken and in spring 2011, Satoshi announced his departure. From then on no one knew more about him.

In the first block that was mined, “Genesis Block”, left the message: “The Times Jan 03, 2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”

Although the time between blocks is 10 minutes, this first block took several days to generate, because the next one only dates six days later.

His trip was as unexpected as his appearance, this name has become something of a legend ever since and I was assigned to the smallest Bitcoin unit.

During the years several investigations have been made to try to find out who this is, some possible identities have emerged, but nothing has yet been proven.

What matters is what you left behind, this possible reliable monetary revolution.

Would you like to know more about Satoshi Nakamoto, ask your questions to cryptotugues@gmail.com

Credits: Unsplash, Blockchain.com, BitcoinWiki, Wikipedia.



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